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Andy Hill Cancer Research Endowment Fund

Created in 2015, the Andy Hill Cancer Research Endowment (CARE) Fund enables the state to match up to $10 million per year to fund cancer research initiatives. The Andy Hill CARE Fund is built on a public-private partnership model, and incentivizes additional investment by requiring private, or other non-state resources to match public state funds. With the establishment of the CARE Fund, the state is making a new commitment to enrich the cancer research ecosystem with sustained investment to promote cancer research, aimed at improving the quality of life of the people of Washington.

CARE Fund Objectives

The objectives of the CARE Fund (from RCW 43.348.005) are to:
  • Optimize the use of public funds by giving priority to research utilizing the best science and technology with the greatest potential to improve health outcomes;
  • Increase the value of our public investments by leveraging our state's existing cancer research facilities and talent, as well as clinical and therapeutic resources;
  • Incentivize additional investment by requiring private or other non-state resources to match public funds;
  • Create jobs and encourage investments that will generate new tax revenues in our state; and
  • Advance the biotech, medical device, and health care information technology industries in Washington.

Distinguished Researcher Program

Cancer research breakthroughs occur through the work of talented and well-resourced scientists. The Andy Hill CARE Fund supports recruitments of distinguished researchers from all over the world to bring their best-in-class talent to research organizations and companies in Washington.
Top scientists also move the research economy forward, creating laboratory and other jobs, raising awareness of cancer research, and bringing in additional research funding to the state. Recruitment at a mid- to senior- level has a demonstrated return on investment in terms of cancer research progress, job creation, and additional research funding.
The Andy Hill CARE Distinguished Researchers Program will match, dollar for dollar, Washington cancer research institutions’, organizations’, and commercial entities’ recruitment commitments up to $500,000 per recruitment, to add value to recruitment packages that bring leading cancer researchers to Washington. CARE grant funds may be used for any purpose (salaries, equipment, etc.) that advances the scholar’s research.  

Breakthrough Research Program

The Andy Hill CARE Fund sets the stage for novel research efforts that can generate or accelerate the next big discovery in cancer research.

The Breakthrough Research Program seeks to provide seed funding for innovative, cross-disciplinary research and collaborations that aim to find the next big discovery in cancer research. While individual research group proposals will be considered, we believe that research environments that foster communication and collaboration across research teams, disciplines, institutions, and sectors have a higher likelihood of transformational breakthroughs that will have a tremendous impact in the cancer research field in Washington and beyond. CARE intends to match contributions of research groups, partnerships, or collaborations aimed at solving critical challenges in cancer research, allowing them to more rapidly pursue their best ideas. 

The deadline to submit a Letter of Interest for this program was March 9, 2018. Successfull LOI submissions were invited to submit a full proposal application. 

Please visit the Andy Hill CARE Fund website ( for more information about the CARE Fund and its programs. If you have any issues accessing information or completing an application, please contact Peter Choi (